Tendencias de invitada

Guest trends

The guest trends each year add new features.

For a long time, party dresses have been lengthening the measure to the feet and it was already becoming a trend but This year 2020 the long dress is one of the keys to dress as a guest.

Dressing in length is elegant and sophisticated.

If also the party is at night lThe sequins will help you look spectacular.

However, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and your personality is the one that commands.

If you like to dress simply you can choose a nice plain ball gown In the color that suits you well and give it your personal touch, you are sure to be perfect.


If you like ornamentation, create your party look with a dress with embroidered details, a bit of rhinestones or sequins.

Another guest trend are tulle skirts in all their versions.

I bet on the smooth ones and those with uneven cut, they stylize more and are easier to combine.

And the tulles that are pretty. They are not all the same.

Tulle is feminine and romantic. Today you can combine a tulle skirt with a top for a party or with a T-shirt and sneakers in your daily life.

Dresses and skirts in navy blue or black are a safe, elegant and successful bet.

Y the eternal red can make a plain dress spectacular.

Light tones, pinks and pastels are very fashionable. Little is bet on garish colors.

This season's party collection has increased in our store but we remain faithful to our philosophy of dressing with elegance And the dresses that we have chosen are different, always beautiful, some spectacular for the most daring and above all they will always help you to be well dressed and be able to enjoy all the rest

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