Nueva colección SS20

New SS20 series

Today, we shared an article published in early February on the blog "my world Boho."

Today, we've talked about the stores we have now.

New SS20 series

New collection Spring 2020 He's about to enter the storage room

Be the first Take a look at the trend and take you home with a dress It's easier to succeed Comments more than a month ago

These trends are diverse, but not all of them will appear on the street, or eventually in our cabinets. It's hard to choose from all the suggestions put forward by the fashion market. What needs to be done is Choose what is really useful and beautiful.

Women today Besides fashion, we want women today Clothes with personality and comfort.

At the jute boutique, they choose clothes, colors and textiles. I'm sure they'll wear your day and your festival this season.

I've brought you a new list of Macy's dresses for spring and spring 2020, and they're about to enter Mima't boutique


Embroidered shirt


Blue Leopard It's one of the colors this spring, but we'll wear more colors of clothes, skirts or pants

Muffin colors, evil, blue, green, rose In their softest or most eye-catching versions, they are undoubtedly the main winners of the spring 2020 fashion trend.















Neutral color They always have a place in the fashion world.

Black or whiteChic, chic, chic, still exists, dressed in smooth clothes, with brooms and special designs, or decorated with original prints.
















Khaki nationality It started in the previous seasons and is still part of the summer closet.

Hermitage Classic, but perfectly adapted to any form, the trick is undoubtedly to know how to combine color and clothing to define your personality.

Trend clothing

There are a lot of clothes that we need to get used to because they have been successful Comfort, women, lovers And it's easy to carry.

Printed clothes In the atmosphere between romance and Bohemia, cake color is the key to this summer, among all the measures MIDI Or long


Blacklist membersBell people are still very regular The greatest solution is that they dare notCropped Flare,Shorter, not so wide, ideal in summer is more fresh, more comfortable.

Wear a skirt MIDI Long is the key This summer's tissue is full of liquid and gas
















White shirts and shirts There are embroidered, romantic, even Victorian, or rough sleeves and roomy sleeves.

Favorite mottoCarl diganJesseThey will also appear in all collections There's a ghost between us!

















Glittering fabrics are also popular, and you can combine them with the softest and finest versions and sweaters like this.



Your style

The style of owl It's spring 2020, and again it's a clear winner however Do you find this comment useful? He is a man who always wants to win. It's easy to combine a great deal of Common terms and phrasesMima't Boutique Use your personal style Because they are very comfortable clothes with trends and are very beneficial.

Go to see them or visit their website where you can wear trendy clothing that has been chosen for you.






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