Las tendencias del otoño 2019

Trends in autumn 2019

The trend in autumn 2019 is already there, and you need to be visionary

We can still feel the cold holiday, in the warm summer, we think it is impossible to warm in a few days. But time will change If you want to have your wardrobe for a positive fall

The trend has been announced several quarters earlier this fall.

Blacklist members We picked out some clothes We like it better because they are Well done! Because they are very good We chose clothesHe fell in love with us, very comfortable So you can easily dress up every day, and you can wear the same clothes to work or find children So is he Different clothes Because you deserve it

findYou can combine the trends of other seasons.

Our choice

Shirts are the trend this winterComments more than a month ago Well done with embroidery and guitar Messi created pure love design, and the innovation in organizational care is becoming more and more obvious.


The others are Owl Blues But more relaxed. and A flowered shirt, striped and smoothSome of them are organic cotton

His shirt Son in lawYou like it because it's the same as your collection He follows the trend and keeps nature The quality of his clothes ensures that your wardrobe will always succeed.


Son in law shirt

Comments more than a month ago Wearing floral prints and very original geometryno Polyester is recycled polyester. We have to protect our planet together

You can't refuse to wear a flowery skirt


Mink clothing

We believe that discrimination is successful.

You're different, so you don't want to wear clothes you've seen a thousand times

One of the trends we've seen in previous seasons this fall is painted pants. yesWelsh's painted pants are the greatest winner

We seem to be back in the past, but classical literature is classic, and they still exist, although they are very new.


Wearing bulletproof vests

In our collection, we have a pair of very comfortable Plaid trousers with rubber belts. Armored car close.

and Armored vehicles are coming. Stay This is the ideal time for Working Woman But you can also go with cowboys or wear them under your overcoat in winter I'm a pioneer, you know!

Wear a skirt

The skirt should have a complete article

Comments more than a month ago Short bread skirt This photo has been added to his favorite. It's love at first sight. It's beautiful! It's a super cute bun, this is the last trend, but it's a classic that you'll love to combine with a shirt or sweater.


It's one of the Barca skatt brands of clothing, and the collectibles displayed by skeet are minimal, loose, but always modern.

she Black dot skirtIt's a basic one that you shouldn't lack because it's comfortable, very, very easy to crystallize.


You can't go on like this even if you've been resisting Yulin iron MIDI's dress was a clear winner, and she came back, following TUL's skirt

Our TL dress is very beautiful, not the same as ordinary

for instanceA tulip skirt with a faded blue and gray hueor Reversible tulip skirt It's the color of velvet and tulip


Macy's curly skirt


You can also choose Folded skirt or printed


Skateboard skirt


Comfort is very important

In the autumn and winter collections, we still bet Pants and rubber bands. some Knitwear In case you want to be comfortable

Why? The answer is simple, very comfortable and helps to make the size more suitable. Designers know that, and it's a growing trend.

Skateboard knitted sweater


We will gradually find that in smaller and smaller clothes Fat Always keep a balance between quality and price.


image novel The forum you want to post is a post shoesThis photo has been added to his favorite. Comfortable, very beautiful, very expensive.



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