Las damas de honor

The bridesmaids

The bridesmaids are the unconditional support of the bride.

We were used to seeing them in American movies but they are already a reality for us too and their photos flood the networks.


The bride wants her best friends with her on their wedding day.

Your company, your emotional support and your help in organizing such a special day are important.

It doesn't matter that you're single or married, that you're a friend or family, sure you're important to the bride.

How to dress?

The ideal is for the bride to choose the color, sometimes, even combining it with wedding decor.

 The style of the dress (long or short) should also be your choice.

It is not obligatory to go exactly the same but it is ideal to maintain a certain uniformity.

However, each woman has a different silhouette and finding a model that feels good to all is not so easy.

But it doesn't panic, we have the solution.

This is where our gala dress trump.

It is a model that adapts very well to the different bodies.

Your smooth color and satin stylize and feel good to have the stature you have.

We also love it because you can choose the same color and yet change the positions by turning it into different dresses.

 The best options:

1.Maintain the same length of dress.

2.All of the same color and position.

3.Always respect the color palette even if you choose different colors

4.May each take a different position but all of the same color

And if you have doubts or need help, don't hesitate to come and see us or contact us, we will be happy to help you prepare your most special day.


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