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Weddings in 2021

The weddings will be held again in 2021.

Surely many things will have changed after the pandemic but luckily love continues to exist.

¿The ceremonies will be more intimate? Surely yes, and this is a trend that had already started long before the pandemic. 

Celebrating a "micro weeding", as it is now called, of between 30 and 60 guests in which the couple are accompanied by their most intimate circle was already a movement that was gaining ground in recent years.

Very cared and personalized weddings where all the details are studied to the millimeter. Choose a charming place and prepare all the details so that each moment is more yours, more personal and more emotional. Far from being an inconvenience, it can become something much more the.


Outdoor weddings

most of weddings are held in summer and fall, this season is ideal for celebrating an outdoor wedding.

Celebrate in a wide space That allows you to be healthier more calm is an ideal solution against crowded weddings that today seem so difficult to assume. One day they will return but why give up the most important day due to the number of guests ...

An outdoor wedding It can offer you other alternatives, whether you are more classic, romantic or if you like the bohemian style.

In each case you will find the solution to make your day the most special. 

A country wedding it will be precious.

If you are one boho bride you can choose and prepare mini wild bouquets for the guests.

If you are one romantic bride Well-chosen china or personalized napkins can help set the mood.

And always the flowers will become a special elementl, choose them carefully, think about the climate, the color, what you feel. 

Or maybe you would like a beach wedding ... the solutions are many.



It would be great if you chose the color that you like the most, the music with which you identify yourself and to stage a little in the environment 

The most important thing is that the wedding day is your day, It is the most important day for any couple and it should be a reflection of who you are.

Weddings in 2021 will be different, sure, but they can be unique and special without any doubt.

The bridesmaids

It is becoming more and more common for brides to want their best friends or sisters by their side on this day. They are also very important in your life and they will help you and accompany you.

Usually lThe bridesmaids' dresses are the same color but being able to be exactly the same color, it is possible that each one can also wear the model with which it identifies the most and this is achieved with the convertible or multi-position dress.




Comfort is very important

Comfort on your wedding day is very important. 

You are the bride and you will be beautiful Sure, but the ideal is that you are also comfortable and enjoy the whole day fully.

The dresses that I propose are beautiful and versatile, you can wear them without anything or complement them with multiple options and they are super comfortable.

You can choose the option in short, in midi, in long. 

We can customize your wedding dress with tulle or prepare a wedding dress with plumetti or lace.

Try the option that you like the most and choose the dress that you most identify with.



You may have doubts and you may even worry if you can have a dress in the little time that remains. We can do it, you just have to contact me or come see me and we will find the solution together.

See you soon!

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