La nueva colección otoño invierno de Meisïe nos ha enamorado.

The new Autumn Winter Collection by Meisïe has made us fall in love.

The new collection of autumn winter 2019 of the brand Meisïe it is now available at Mima't Boutique.

This season Meisïe has fallen in love again.

Your bohemian essence it is present in all garments but that romantic touch that we missed a little has come back with very worked and very special designs.


embroidered blouse


Collection a little more urban than the previous ones with the great advantage of being more functional and more comfortable. Trend pants in fabrics that give you total movement and comfort.


Meisïe trousers


The dresses of Meisïe they have always been the strong point of the collections however this fall you will discover that they have created small jewels in the blouses.

The blouses of Meisïe they are especially beautiful now, embroidered details, bows and very soft textures.



Point it is gaining in quality year after year and is becoming one of the strengths of the brand.


The experience of Marc Sorensen and Noelia Peinado in the fashion world guarantees us a long way to go.

The advantages of dressing a brand like Meisïe it is that you wear clothes with a much more exclusive design and better quality at a very balanced price.

If you haven't tried on a garment yet, dare.

Write me with all your doubts, size, measurements, patterns and I will help you in everything you need to know.


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