La moda de primavera verano 2021

Spring Summer Fashion 2021

Spring summer 2021 fashion has arrived and with it the trends of the season.

Crochet is one of the newest fashion trends.



Thus we begin a trip to the 60s that we have seen reflected in garments such as the Meisïe crochet top or vest.

The transparencies gain strength insinuating but not teaching. 

An example is the hem of one of my favorite boho dresses of the season. Long, with embroidery and a semi transparent hem, a little gem at a great price.

If you want to buy a different and beautiful women's dress, you will not go wrong.



In mimatboutique you will find summer blouses that you can wear with a top underneath, without anything on beach days and even as a jacket. 



Puffed sleeves is a trend that we already began to see last season and it continues to be present this summer in women's blouses and dresses.

We also present garments a little unstructured, with drooping shoulders but at the same time simple and relaxed.

We love the Skatïe brand for its designs that mix the inspiration of Mediterranean fashion with the Nordic or Scandinavian style. Their women's shirts are very wearable, minimalist and at the same time with that unstructured point so flattering.

Skatïe adds elegance, comfort and design creating very special garments.

Good weather and heat always fill us with colors and this new season, fresh colors are present and make us happy, reminding us of the season in which we live.

But summer is also a time of relaxation, walks and calm days and our collection also focuses on soft, raw tones and white in blouses, dresses and tops.

Pink oversize pants, green and pink cropped pants, black pants, patterned pants, dresses with straps or short sleeves, plain and patterned dresses ... a different and fresh women's collection.


And we continue with the flowers

Spring is beginning and flowers are the protagonists in nature but also in clothes that are filled with floral prints.

We have chosen original patterns so that you do not see them repeated at every step you take because our brands are special and create their own patterns.

The collection that illustrator Joanna Santamans has designed for Yerse is a clear example of naturalness, originality, timelessness and respect for our environment.

Floral blouses, pants with leaf designs. Fresh garments that perspire and that return you to nature.



You will fall in love with the textures, the softness of the fabrics, the fall of the garments and you will be surprised with a collection of beautiful and easy-to-wear women's clothing. 

Dare to dress with us!

And remember that I am here to help you and that you can consult all the doubts you have.

See you soon!







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