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The Infinity dress

The multi-position party dress

How nice to help you prepare for such special moments again!

It is wonderful to experience the emotions you feel when you see yourself wearing the party dress.

When you see it hanging you can't even imagine how good it looks and the moment after is unique and unrepeatable.

When you put it on, you look in the mirror and see the drape of the fabric, its subtle satin, and you realize how good it feels.


vestido convertible lavander


Choosing my ideal party dress

The next and no less important step is to find out which is the option that suits you the most and with which you will feel more identified.

Each one of you is different and also each occasion is different.

I have to admit that when I see you, my stylist self starts to work and I have already recommended a color that I think will favor you because of your skin type, your hair color and your eyes. I can't help it!

But this is not the end of everything. Thanks to multi-position dresses we can easily adapt the dress to your personality.

You can decide if you like more low-cut or more covered, if you want the strips to be thin or wider.

And the back of the dress! You can also jGo with the different possibilities and choose the one you want on each occasion.


These are factors that you also have to take into account when you have bought the dress from us online, it arrives at your house and you try it on.

You are sure to be great! but go further and investigate which way you like the most and cwhich one you feel most comfortable with.

You are going to spend many hours in the same dress and it is great that when you wear it you feel it as one more part of you.

The multiple positions that you can get are ideal to find the one with which you are comfortable.

And don't forget that if you match someone who wears a dress like yours, we don't like it! You have it very easy, change your position and you will have another dress.

Ah! and don't forget about himo important that is the quality of the fabric. Here you guarantee a quality dress, with a fabric with weight and fall.

Some have taught me that I don't even know if they will last the time of a celebration ... it's a shame but "all that glitters is not gold" 


Vestido convertible


A thousand possibilities for your party dress

Another simple way to add a touch of sophistication to your party dress are the rings.

It is very easy to put circular or rectangular rings with rhinestone glitter on the straps of the dress and give it a more chic touch.

Or as in the photo of the mustard dress add a belt.


A sexy ball gown

This is a new multi-position dress option. If you want to go more sexy but at the same time comfortable and elegant. 

It has all the good of the classic model and also a front opening on the leg, subtle, insinuating but not showing and sexy.


Sexy dress infinity


I want a midi party dress

In this collection we wanted you to have more possibilities and in addition to the short party dress, the long ball gown and the sexy dress ...

We have the midi party dress in case you do not want to wear a short dress, you do not want to be dressed long but you are still looking to be elegant and simple.

The midi is a very flattering and elegant model.

It is also convertible and you can choose the color and position that you like the most.

You will also go comfortable, sophisticated and original.


Vestido midi multiposición


I want a tulle dress

To dress as a guest, the combinations of one of our long multi-position party dresses with a tulle overskirt are great.

When you decide what color you want it, you can choose the color of the tulle overskirt.

There are colors of skirts that you can match with almost all dresses, like pearl.

The red tulle skirt puts a sophisticated yet romantic twist on the red dress.

The party dress in blue or teal tones transforms as you complement it with the overskirt of navy blue tulle or jeans blue,

Navy blue darkens it and gives it a lot of elegance and jeans soften and soften it.

The tulle overskirt is a perfect complement to give a twist of sophistication to your dress, the effect of light and water is beautiful. 

And with himthe advantage that they are separate pieces that you can combine alone or with other skirts and take advantage in different situations. 


Vestido de tul rojo

The shoes

Of the shoes, I will tell you the same.

Choose a comfortable model. If you like heels, go ahead, it will always stylize you more but you don't necessarily have to wear a stiletto heel.

Luckily our dresses combine very well with a nice espadrille, with platforms and there are even girls who have worn it with country boots.

I remember a boho bride who chose them for her rural wedding and she was also terrific.

Vestido de tul teal


The bra is an issue that worries you and concerns you all.

Underwear deserves an article with recommendations but the most basic that I am going to give you is that if you wear a light dress take it nude, this way you will avoid transparencies.

I personally, I am not in favor of wearing the dress without fasteningA, it does not look so pretty and there are a lot of solutions to avoid it.

  • The multi-position bra. Today almost all lingerie brands have a model. You can wear them strapless or cross them in different ways, even fasten it in the front.
  • The backless bra
  • Lace strapless bra cups. 

Do your research and you will see how easy it is.

I could explain many more things about this model but I invite you to check it yourself and fall in love with your dress.

See you soon!



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