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Spring wardrobe



We are almost in the middle of April and already It's Spring.

After a whole year of dressing casual and super comfortable, I want to start dressing up a little more.

I have never liked to be badly dressed and although I have always tried to be as comfortable as possible, I am tired of seeing tracksuits everywhere. 

I do not want to get used to the way we dress in our streets is this.

I have started investigating trends of this spring summer 2021 and to organize our store and my wardrobe according to what is worn, what I like and what suits me.

I have noticed that as always some models are repeated and others are new of the season 2021.

Women's fashion is fantastic!

They take the basics

There is no doubt, they take lthe basics. Always useful and versatile, we dressed them in previous summers, we will dress them this summer and we will repeat them in the coming seasons.

The use of black and white, especially white is one of the classics of the collections, bright and pure.

Black will be seen more in long dresses, tops and jumpsuits.


Yes, the triumph of the basics is real but now they become really eternal and lasting in time because now they are more sustainable and responsible.

There is no self-respecting brand that does not try to be more sustainable, manufacture better quality and with better products.

Today we can no longer doubt that sustainability is the future.

And you like me can also make it possible.

It is about building your wardrobe more slowly, season after season with responsible garments at a moderate cost that they will last longer and you will like them more.

Our brands They do not stop working, they investigate, experiment and in each collection they bring out new, more responsible garments.

The use of organic cotton, EcoVero viscose, recycled polyester, linen ... It contributes as much to our life and our future as it does to our own skin.

Every day we learn to take better care of ourselves, to eat better, to exercise more and also to take care of what we carry closer to us, in our skin and that is our clothes.



Flower prints

Flower prints are once again the protagonists.

The flower patterns that triumph summer after summer, so bohemian and at the same time so romantics 


It is easy to identify with any of them and choose the version that best matches your personality.

I love flowers and I have chosen a floral skirt that I will combine with a plain T-shirt from one of my favorite brands, Yerse. 



For our store I have made a selection very conscientious prettiest designs and nicest fabrics because you are unique and different and you are not going to settle for what everyone will wear.

You deserve the best.

Dress original 

Dress up clothes original and with design it is what makes us different.

However, our personality has to be present. We are who we ares and we reflect it in every step we take and every garment we wear.

One of the brands that a few years ago we incorporated into our collections is Skatïe.

The originality and elegance of Skatïe is undeniable.

I love how they design. Are simple garments, without excesses but with very attractive designs. The Spring Summer 2021 collection has very original garments but at the same time very easy to wear every day.

Dress well every day

Daily life makes us have the need to find clothes that fit us well and allow us to go to work, to a parents' meeting, to pick up our children or to buy well dressed but at the same time simple.

And there our spring summer 2021 women's collection meets all expectations. It does not matter if you are in the city or that you are going to spend the holidays, surely You will find dresses, pants, blouses or shirts that will help you dress every day.

And for the more relaxed days, for the holidays do not miss our shorts or our dresses, fresh, beautiful and comfortable.

Take a tour of our Online store and prepare your wardrobe for this summer!


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