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Autumn wardrobe

I'm going to dress for fall

Hautumn has started and I'm already thinking about my wardrobe and how to organize my outfits every day.

Lto light, temperatures and colors invite me to live the new season.

It is true that on days like today it seems that summer is going to last forever but nothing is further from reality, autumn will come and I prefer to be prepared.

Sometimes I fall in love with clothes and I run out of them because not to be far-sighted. And today more than ever this is something very real because it is manufactured in a more limited and coherent way.

Not to mention how the pandemic has affected most sectors.

We are living a new reality that has forced us to reformulate many things, among which are undoubtedly the quantities of clothing that manufacturers are going to produce.

This season is What a new premiere, a return to something similar to normality and I think we will notice it in the atmosphere and I hope that the streets will fill with color again.

The new autumn winter 2021-22 collection

The fall winter 2021 - 22 collection is loaded with beautiful clothes.

Like every season trends set collections and we  we adapt to our own style.

We do the same with the collections in our store, we look for a style that we feel is ours, that makes us love the garments we have and that little by little They will be part of your closets and ultimately, of your lives.

The most boho looks

We have made a selection of bohemian garments with a romantic touch from our favorite brand Meisïe.

Boho looks that you can dress with style.

All the garments that we have chosen are easy to wear and combine very well, the colors are beautiful and the fabrics very pleasant. 

I will show you some now and I invite you to visit the store and discover all the news.

I start with blouses.

The first with a super large baby collar, a trend that has burst with great force this season.

Do you remember how small they were at the beginning? Those discreet baby collars have been transformed and this year they have been enlarged and are super fashionable.


Blusa cuello solapa mimatboutique


I love the second blouse, when you see it hanging and with all its details you are not able to imagine how good it looks.



Long and patterned skirts continue their journey this fall and midi or long floral dresses continue to be a trend for their beauty and comfort.

This model is satin and very easy to combine with tank tops or sweaters.

I am sure it is a garment that you are going to get a lot out of. You will explain it to me!



Here you can see a floral midi dress It has a light touch of golden thread.

The metallized They are one more of the trends that you will see in whole garments or with light touches like here so that you do not get tired.



Vests are undoubtedly the most fashionable garment.

If you can only buy one thing, choose a vest, crocheted or knitted.

Don't leave the vest out of your life!

Choose the option that suits you the most but get one or later you will regret it.

Our boho version




Minimalism, design and Nordic influences


Our second line is more minimal, design more oversize and with a clear Nordic influence.

It does not completely leave out the bohemian style that has characterized us so much from the beginning but it is more soft, more relaxed and very elegant.

They are original designs and a bet for sustainability.

Today 30% of these garments are already sustainable and the brand is working to eventually produce them in a 100% sustainable way.





This season fall winter 2021- 22 the point sweeps in all fashion and it makes dressing well can also be very comfortable.

We have chosen jknitwear, skirts and trousers that you can combine very well and that will bring comfort and elegance to your day to day.




AND knitted dresses 


Comfort, style and softness

This is how we could define what Yerse brings us.

A brand with a long history in the world of fashion that has managed to renew itself and has set itself new challenges.

His constant concern for a more sustainable production, the use of materials ecologically responsible like Eco Vero viscose or organic cotton.

Her attempt to be close to nature, to integrate our clothes and our lives in the circle of the earth, makes us feel so close to our store and to our way of understanding life.

Let's take care of ourselves and our environment and we will build a better place for everyone.

 Here we will find  new trends gently worn.

Baby collars, embroidery, lace, floral dresses and skirts, winter shorts and classic soft jumpers for their quality and colors.



These are just a few strokes of what you will discover in this fall winter collection 2021-22 de mimatboutique.

Collections that you can combine with each other, garments that go well together and separately prepared to be part of you.

And if now you are the one who has to ...

Think about prepare your fall wardrobe!

And if you have doubts, you already know that I will be here to help you.

See you soon


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